Why Do I Even Need Insurance? 

Once you enter the workforce and become a true working adult in society, words like 401K and insurance can become a little overwhelming. You may ask yourself; do I even need insurance? The simple answer is yes! Getting insurance is a way of managing all of the potential risks life forces us to face. You have worked hard throughout your life, and it’s important to protect that hard work. Insurance helps to protect you if any accidents or disasters should happen. There are two main types of insurance categories: personal and commercial. Personal focuses more on your daily life while commercial focuses more on the business side of life.   

Personal Insurance 

When it comes to what insurance covers, it’s important to note that you can insure pretty much anything. Personal insurance plans can give you so much more than basic replacement or cash value coverage. Insurance is there to cover you every step of the way in life. From starting a family, settling down in your first home, and all the way to helping you stay protected if you are planning retirement. 

Categories of Personal Insurance: 

  • Home and Property 
  • Health 
  • Life 
  • Auto 
  • Recreational 
  • Medicare 

Commercial Insurance 

Commercial insurance can often be labeled as business insurance so don’t worry if you think they are different, they share the same coverages! If you are just starting a business or have a business and need to look into different coverages, commercial insurance is there to help you tackle any surprise accidents. As a business owner, you take risks, make investments, and employ others to work for you and help your company grow. It is important to protect yourself, your finances, and your employees in the event that something goes wrong. In addition to businesses, commercial insurance also handles some forms of trucking insurance.  

Categories of Commercial Insurance: 

  • Business 
  • Trucking 

Ready to start your insurance coverage? Talk to a local agent today for more information on what coverages you should get.