Condominium Insurance

Insuring your condo means affordable protection for your unit’s interior, your personal property, and yourself.

What Is Condominium Insurance?

Condo insurance is specifically designed for those who live in a unit structure owned and insured by a separate association. These associations employ master insurance policies that usually cover only the external structure of the unit. With condo insurance, you can protect the interior along with all your valuables.

Our insurance partners offer these benefits when you insure your condo:

  • Coverage for damage to personal property such as furniture, electronic equipment, and clothing
  • Liability protection in the event that someone makes a claim against you for injuries or damage sustained in your condo
  • Coverage for interior walls and floor coverings
  • Coverage for improvements or upgrades you make to the condo that aren’t covered by the master insurance policy

Do you have questions about an insurance policy or need additional coverage? Contact an agent today and we would be happy to help.

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